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T hey say that there are four defined stages of creative problem solving.

Each person typically has strength in one of these stages – much like we feel more comfortable with either our left hand or right.

The people who preference a certain stage over another are profiled by the stage that they identify with most – namely: IdeatorsClarifiers, Developers, or Implementers.


  • They dream of possibilities, they look at the big picture.
  • They’re highly fluent: if you need an idea, go to an ideator, they don’t know where the Stop Button is.
  • They stretch their imagination; they offer out of the box ideas.
  • They’re intuitive: they jump from A to Z. They can’t tell you how they did it, but they often do.


  • They are the person in the meeting who is usually asking “are we trying to solve the right problem?”
  • They enjoy doing research and gathering information.
  • They attend to the details.


  • They put together workable solutions.
  • They take ideas and tinker with it: they improve upon them.
  • They analyse and compare competing solutions, analysing the Pros and Cons.
  • They craft, refine, and perfect a single idea – working it up into a fantastic solution.


  • The person in the meeting that exclaims “Enough discussion, let’s make a decision already and make it happen!”
  • Individuals that are quick to action, always moving forward.
  • They love to see ideas brought to fruition, they want to see things happen.

Then, there are some people that struggle to identify with just one of the above types, feeling strongly towards all four stages of the creative problem solving process equally.

“[with these kinds of people,] there aren’t high preferences or low preferences, no peaks or valleys in their profile.
We call these people: Integrators.’

– Prof. Gerard Puccio, Buffalo State, S.U. of New York.

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