Zoom Rooms DIY Install Kit

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1. Pre-requisites

Do you have the following?

Full HD (1080p) or better,
at least 46" or larger?

Max 2 screens for DIY kit

Internet– 2Mbps up & down
connection speed or faster.

(or 1 with a power board)

For the Zoom Room brains.
Not required, but recommended.
Must be near the screen!

If you're a smaller organisation
without an IT team, we can help
with your setup remotely!


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2. Room Size

How big is your meeting room?
If one big table was in the room, how many people
could comfortably sit around it?

Up to 8 people

Up to ~20 People


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3. Support for Legacy Video Conferencing

Connect with people using a Hardware VC unit, such as a Polycom or Cisco/Tandberg device.

Enable the ability to meet with participants using older, hardware based VC units.
(Highly Recommended)
12 Month Subscription.

Meetings from your Zoom Rooms can still reach those on PC/Mac/Mobile/Tablet devices, as well as other Zoom Rooms.

1 Cloud Room Connector is required per end-point using a H.323/SIP connection


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5. Zoom Room Controller

We recommend a dedicated iPad per Zoom Room.

BYO iPad (2015 or newer)

iPad (9.7", 2018) - WiFi model. Comes pre-configured optimised for Zoom Rooms, and with a Heckler Design console.


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4. Out of the box thinking

Zoom Pro

Take your meetings outside of the Zoom Rooms.
Extend the outstanding video collaboration experience that comes with a Zoom room to a laptop, desktop, Apple or Android phone or tablet. (or even Blackberry!)

Yes, please!

No thanks!

How many licences are required?

Zoom for Business includes a range of additional features, such as:

  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Branding + Customisation of your Zoom Rooms
  • On-premise deployment (channel Zoom meetings within your own WAN!)
  • Single Sign-on Support
  • + much more


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Final cost (estimate)

The final estimated price is:


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