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Allow me to explain.

The range of 100 below and 100 above zero, is a scale used to determine customer satisfaction, called the Net Promoter Score, or NPS.

Therefore, a maximum, completely unattainable satisfaction score would be 100, whereas neutral would score 0, nil, naught, nada.

Zoom Satisfaction Rating

Looking into their client’s video conferencing history, Zoom discovered something rather noteworthy.  Not only had most of their clients come from using legacy systems, but most had used about three different platforms before settling with Zoom.

When asked why they switched:

Top reasons to look for something new:

  1. Help bring together dispersed teams
  2. Needed more efficient way to start a meeting
  3. They wanted a reliable, life-like setting for collaboration and faster decision making

Top reasons they switched to Zoom:

  1. The ease of use
  2. Superior video quality
  3. Great price for the value

Zoom Satisfaction: From the Zoom Blog

The Latest NPS Result: A Zoom Love Fest

Zoom’s latest NPS result = a ridiculously high score of 69! This beats our industry competitors in a big way. According to results published, competitive NPS scores range from 19 to 48 for other SaaS companies. Nearly all Zoom converts had been using older legacy solutions, many times trying 3 or more solutions before finding Zoom. We asked customers why they were looking for a different solution and why they switched.

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