Ever get half way through a meeting with lots of great ideas bouncing around – and realise that nobody has been taking notes?
Trying to keep calls to action, next steps, and the results of brainstorming in your head is almost a guaranteed way to turn what seemed like a productive meeting into a total waste of time.

If you’re a Zoom Business customer (meaning you have 10+ Zoom host licences on the Business tier),  then you are eligible to turn on automatic cloud transcription.

However if you have less than 10 host licences and still want the ability to automatically transcribe and search the contents of your meeting, Impelo has you covered.

How Impelo works

Unlike other video transcribing utilities, Impelo actually integrates into your work calendar, not your video conferencing utility. This way, Impelo can scan your calendar for video conferencing events across multiple platforms.
In addition to supporting Zoom, at the time of writing, Impelo supports the following platforms:
In addition to the above, Impelo reports future integration with join.me and skype for business coming soon.
What’s pretty great is that it will automatically integrate with meetings that you’re attending, as well as meetings that you host.
In terms of calendar integration, as long as you use either Office 365 or Google Calendars (/G Suite), you’ll be able to get up and running straight away.
You have the ability to manually join or remove Impelo from supported meetings in your calendar, right from the Impelo application:
Exclude impelo from certain meetings

Integrations with other services

An important part of having your meetings transcribed is having that data put somewhere useful. And for sales reps or managers, advisors, and anyone who utilises a CRM as part of your role, integrations with the below CRMs will come in handy:

CRMs that integrate with Impelo.io


And speaking of integrations, here’s a little bit of a hidden gem: you can use the auto-transcribing technology normally applied to Zoom and other solutions to your VOIP service – at the time of writing, RingCentral, ShoreTel, TalkDesk, and Fuze are supported.


Impelo offers a full-featured free version which includes up to 2 hours of transcribing per month, with two months data retention.  For more usage, Premium (starting at USD $9/month) will allow 12 months data retention, and is charged based on usage.

Impelo pricing, taken 30 june 2018


When you sign up to Impelo, you’ll receive a free 14 day trial of Pro, meaning meeting transcription will be unlimited. You can find out more, or sign up for the service at Impelo.io.

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